Information Today Inc. Book Sale

Information Today Inc. is running a sale on the following books (including The Accidental Systems Librarian) starting on Monday, May 6 until Monday, June 10, 2013.

Information Today is offering 30% off the retail price on the following books:

  • The Accidental Systems Librarian, 2nd Ed [Sale price: $20.65]
  • The Embedded Librarian [Sale Price: $34.65]
  • Extreme Searcher’s Internet Handbook, 4th Ed [Sale price: $17.47]
  • Face2Face [Sale price: $17.47]
  • UContent [Sale price: $34.65]
  • LG to Negotiation [Sale price: $34.65]
  • LG to Micropublishing [Sale price: $34.65]

Pick yours up today!

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