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When people ask me how to learn to code, I always say that we’re all different. A lot of my friends and colleagues learned using books like those from O’Reilly, but I need to learn with a helper. I like to be in a class where I can talk to someone and watch someone else write the code the first time around. Well, an article on Lifehacker has made me very happy! In it, Lifehacker talks about a tool that lets you learn to code by watching others!

One of the best ways to learn to program, besides tinkering with scripts yourself, is to take a look at others’ code examples. TheCodePlayer has a great take on that, with video walkthroughs of cool stuff being created from scratch.

The videos show the code being written on the left side of the page and the changes happening on the right. You can also change the code yourself and see how that affects the scripts.

Thank you Lifehacker! I will be keeping an eye on TheCodePlayer which is still in Alpha to see if it adds some languages that I’d like to learn soon!

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